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The official homepage that DaX had at is no longer avialable. (see Dark Alexes Last Words) but you can access backup copies of Dark~AleX's site and download OE FW files that were posted by the DaX himself. To do this select one of the Backup Point links below.

Darl Alex Home Page
Custom Firmware
Downgrader Downdater
PSP Homebrew Enabler
About Dark Alex .com
Select your version of the Archived backup of the DAX official homepage:
  • from June 29, 2007
    New redesigned DarkAlex official home page with PSP custom open edition firmware 3.40 revision A downloads and all other tools.
    Created and Designed by Festero - Maintained by MrTuto_Alek
    PSP Downgraders & Downdaters

  • from Apr 27, 2007 *
    Old DarkAlex site before the redesign with PSP Custom Firmwares + Downgraders & Downdaters as well as Homebrew enablers and other PSP Tools all on one page. [* NOT all of the download links work there]

  • Dark Alex Bye, scene.
    The last we heard from him when he was leaving the PSP scene.

  • to be continued...


Buy PSP with Tema M33 3.51 custom psp firmware pre-installed on it.
Dark Alex Custom Firmwares
>> PSP FW 3.40 Open Edition. (Link 1) (Link 2)
>> PSP FW 3.30 Open Edition. (Rev A) (Rev A2 )
>> PSP FW 3.10 Open Edition. (Rev A) (Rev A2)
>> 1.50 Custom Firmware - The proof of concept.

Downgrades & Downdaters
TA-082 Downgrader (to use with 2.71 HEN) Generic 2.71 Downgrader. (Download) Downdater 2.71. Downdater 2.50&2.60. 1.50 to 1.00. (Download)

  • Dark Alex PSP OE FW
  • Dark_AleX firmware
  • DarkAlex PSP
  • Dark_Alex's custom firmware 3.40
  • 3.40
  • Official Dark Alex website
  • New Dark Alex 3.50 firmware for Sony PSP was never released because he quit before he could complete it.
  • Dark Alex 3.40 oe-a
  • DarkAleX PSP firmware
  • Dark_Alex 3.40 OE

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