Last Words from Dark_AleX before he left the PSP scene.
DAX's OE custom firmware opened the PSP for playing old MAME arcade games, NES, SNES, SEGA, and N64 emulators as well as ScummVM games. It also greatly boosted the sales of large capacity Memory Stick PRO DUO cards for storing our ISOs and Emulator files. DarkAlex will be missed!!!

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Bye, scene.

I've decided to cease OE development, and leave PSP scene.
The reasons are various.
One of them is the time it consumes, which i'm losing from other things.
The other is related to my security. I didn't like Sony menaces to PS3 hackers.
I think it is better to leave now rather than end paying the consequences.

He decidido cesar el desarrollo de OE, y abandonar la scene de la PSP.
Las razones son varias.
Una de ellas es el tiempo que me consume, que estoy perdiendo de otras cosas.
La otra esta relacionada con mi seguridad. No me gustaron las amenazas de Sony a los hackers de la PS3.
Creo que es mejor retirarse ahora que estoy a tiempo, que acabar pagando las consecuencias.

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Buy PSP with Tema M33 3.51 custom psp firmware pre-installed on it.
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The last one and the best that DAX realesed was PSP OE Firmware version 3.40 Open Edition.

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TA-082 Downgrader (to use with 2.71 HEN)
Generic 2.71 Downgrader.
Downdater 2.71.
Downdater 2.50&2.60. 1.50 to 1.00.

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Homebrew enabler for 2.71. (Rev A) (Rev B) (Rev B2) (Rev C) (Devhook) (Rev D + devhook) (Devhook 0.51) >> SDK for HEN-D and SE-C. (Download) >> Devhook launcher port. (Ver 0.1) (Ver 0.2)

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3.03/3.10 OE mix for UP. Plugin to load 3.02 POPS on 3.03 OE. load ANY POPS on 3.10 and next OE's. (Download) >> PsxDecrypter (decrypts/decompresses isos of the ps3store). Dax Ziso Loader. UMD Dax Dumper Beta.
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