The un-official Dark Alex home page. Site opened after DaX decided to shut down his operation. He will never be forgotten and to make sure of that we here celebrate his achievements in PSP modding and hacking.

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Dark Alex PSP Firmware
Download Dark_AleX's custom PSP firmware from this site of try the Archived copy of . To access backup copies of Dark~AleX's official but now closed sites - go to our DarkAlex Archive page. Downloading from the archive is slower but you can be sure that the files were posted by the DaX himself.
Dark Alex (in real life Alejandro from Spain) is the most famous Sony PSP hacker modder developer who has created numerous PSP tools, Downgraders and Custom Firmware versions. This un-official site is dedicated to his work and it was created after DAX decided to close his official Dark_Alex's site located at
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  Dark Alex PSP OE FW is an un-official custom Sony PSP Dark_AleX firmware that is based on the original firmware from Sony but with homebrew enabled by DarkAlex PSP. Every new FW update was "patched" with parts of the homebrew and Backup ISO friendly 1.50 fw so that people got the best of the new and didn't loose the ability to play backup UMD iso files and run emulation. The latest release from DAX was Dark_Alex's custom firmware 5.40 revision-a for PSP3000. After completion of 3.4 the work on the 3.5 was started. New Dark Alex 3.50 firmware for Sony PSP was never released because he quit before he had a chance to complete it. Official Dark Alex website was shut down and so Dark Alex 5.00 oe-a is the best DarkAleX PSP firmware to date. Download Dark_Alex 3.40 OE from our website or try a backup copy of  
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